Redefining Power


We have noticed that tons of people have experienced, incredible things wearing our product! These are not actors, they are everyday people, just like me and you. They took a chance and because they did, they are living much healthier lives! Below, you will find some of these moving stories.


“The Bracelet helped me and my wife both. It helped with my balance and after my wife wore it for a couple of days, she wasn’t convinced that it was doing anything for her. After taking the bracelet off, shortly after she came to me and quickly changed her mind because of what she noticed with it off.”

-Earl Towle

Galatia, IL

“I met Matthew at a vendor event. I went ahead and tried the Bio-Bellum bracelet. It was so weird at first, I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my arm. Then the pain in my shoulder and arm, from a torn bicep and damaged rotator began to subside. I now wear this bracelet everyday! I was sure of a surgery in my near future. However with this bracelet and my Doterra essential oils, I don’t feel the need for surgery anymore.”

-Lisa Moore

Collinsville, IL

Husband says- “When i was first approached by a sales guy on the “Bracelet” I was hopeful, but skeptical. I have seen things work that are out of the norm before and i was hoping this product would be one of those things that worked. I was really hoping it wold help my wife who has arthritis in her hands. I hoped that it would help my overall health. I believe that it has. I have noticed a marked improvement in my balance! Which can be a life saver. I bought a “Bracelet” for each of us. When i gave one to my wife she was pretty skeptical. Boy was i ever glad that it worked so well for her and her arthritis. I had some questions on how and when you were supposed to wear the “bracelets”. So, i called the number on the pamphlet and the man answered all of my questions. This product worked for us and i believe it will work for you. As a retired marine, i appreciate that Bio-Bellum is a veteran owned company.

Wife says- I was very skeptical when my husband brought me this “bracelet” to help the arthritis in my hands. So, I started to wear it every day and after about a month, i realized the pain in my hands and thumbs (which was the worst) was gone! I could open jars, button buttons and even use scissors without pain! Needless to say i am a strong believer and it works!

-William & Vicki S.

Excelsior Springs, MO

“After wearing the bracelet, I can actually get up and down like a normal person again.”

-Bill Towle

Raleigh, IL

"I am retired military and i haven't been able to raise my arm above shoulder height for 19+ years, due to the spurs without extreme pain. My sons father in law was wearing one of the Bio-Bellum bracelets and i asked him what it was about. After talking with him, my wife and I went to the gun show where they had a booth set up. After talking with Matt and his sales reps, we purchased a band. After i put the Bio-Bellum band on, in about about 30-45 minutes, i was able to put my right forearm on top of my head. At first, I thought i was in a parallel world, because i couldn't believe it. After a couple days, i was able to raise my arm to its full height. Would i recommend this bracelet? YES. Would i purchase it again, if needed? YES. Thank you Matthew and thank you Bio-Bellum!"

-David Estes

Mount Vernon, MO

“I bought the bracelet for my wife’s birthday gift. Shortly after purchasing the bracelet, her neck, shoulder and back pain is gone! I will be purchasing one in the near future for my daughter.”

-Chris Chainey

Anna, IL

"I was really skeptical about buying a "magic bracelet" until i wore one for about 15 minutes. I was standing there talking to Matt about my current diet and quickly realized my back didn't hurt anymore. I have had constant back pain working in construction for the past 9 years and all of the sudden it was gone! I can now look forward to going to work and have the energy to hit the gym as well. I am actually down 2 belt holes and 1 pant size. I've lost 21 lbs in 19 days, I cant believe this weight is just falling off of me! Thank you so much for the opportunity of a lifetime, to better myself. I am a Bio-Bellum believer for life!"


Wichita, KS

"I have tried one of the wristbands and to begin with, i was far from a believer. However, i am now! i have arthritis in my knees and my back. I have had much less pain since i have been wearing this bracelet. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has arthritis or foot problems."

-Steve Mathes

Cape Girardeau, MO

"To begin I need to say I am a very skeptical person when it comes to things. When Matt first told me about the bands and all the things it would help I didn’t fully believe him. I have used bands in the past and didn’t experience any results. This was not the case with Bio-Bellum. I had broken my wrist and torn my rotator cuff tendons in high school and have always had pain and couldn’t do certain upper body workouts. Within the first week my wrist and shoulder pain went away and I am doing pull ups and push ups without any pain, which I never thought would happen again.  I have also experienced great results in my sleep schedule. I have always been the type of person who would never get more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Since wearing the bands I have been averaging 7-8 hours. I also used to get headaches regularly and since I’ve been wearing the bands for a few months now I have only had one headache. Needless to say Bio-Bellum has made such a positive affect on my life. I would highly recommend purchasing the bands if you want to improve your life." 

-Shelby Robbins

O'Fallon, IL

“So, When the weather changes, my shoulder gets some excruciating pain. No matter how i sit i cannot get comfortable at all. I also couldn’t even scratch the back of my neck. However, after wearing the bracelet for 2 weeks i can finally raise my hand over my head and the pain is completely gone!”

-Eddy Barger

Galatia, IL

"Hi, my name is Sam, I hesitantly bought a wristband at a show and it was by far the best decision on a purchase I've ever made. I have terrible arthritis, back pain, and joint pains. Some mornings I couldn't even get out of bed. Now I'm working out 5 to 6 days a week and I'm hopping out of bed every morning. I'm no where near as sore and it feels great. It may sound crazy but this wristband works wonders."


Los Angeles, CA


My name is Jeremiah Arnold. I was telling Matthew that I had a really bad back problem due to an accident involving 800 lbs of steel falling on me. I had to go to rehabilitation to learn how to walk again.  I have never been able to take any real pain killers due to my allergies so I've always found relief in rehabilitation. When I crossed paths with Matthew, I was skeptical at first that this bracelet would help with my pain but he did a demonstration with me and my Dad backed up with the 2-month return guarantee which really encouraged me to give the Bio-Bellum a try. So if you're someone looking to stop your pain and start feeling better with more energy then I would say go out and buy yourself a Bio-Bellum, you won't regret it!" 

- Jeremiah Arnold

"I purchased my wristband 3 months ago and I have worn it everyday since. I have occasional pain in my lower back and I was having chronic pain in my left knee since falling on the ice 2 years ago. I also have arthritis in my wrists and fingers. Since I have been wearing the wristband, my pain has decreased almost completely. I am usually not a believer in these types of things, but I'm so glad I decided to purchase the band."


-Michele M.

St.Louis, MO

"I've been an electrician for 21 years and worked out for 10 years. I have quite a bit of pain in my elbows, wrists and knees. i used to go to the chiropractor two-three times a week. Now i go once every 3 months. It has helped me out dramatically. I swear by this product!"

-Josh Palm

Cherry Valley, IL

"I purchased two of the Bio-Bellum bands. One for my wife and one for myself. Both of us have experienced a decrease in our overall level of aches and pains! It has especially helped both of us with our chronic knee pain. I would recommend the use of the Bio-Bellum wristband to anyone wanting to eliminate pain from their bodies."

-Keith & Myla

Tulsa, OK

"I have used the copper bracelets, modern homeopathic bracelets, and tried other forms of homeopathic healing. I recently started wearing the Bio-Bellum bracelets, and the owner is easy to work with. He sold me the bracelet in a KFC after working a show earlier that day. The owner recognized my older bracelet that had stopped working and started talking to me about it. The owner is a veteran like me, so I left KFC with a Bio-Bellum bracelet. After wearing the Bio-Bellum bracelet I felt better within a couple days. I ran into the owner two more times after our initial purchase. I then realized this is a product I believe in and could sell them to assist other people. I have recently begun my distributorship with Bio-Bellum. The owner's support is absolutely outstanding."


-Sid Boyer

Saint Charles, MO

"Before i met Matthew at Bio-Bellum, i suffered from lower back pain. I had pain from constant standing, bending, and lifting at gun shows, as i am a vendor. Now with my band, I feel AMAZING! My back pain was completely GONE within 20 minutes, honestly. This product has exceeded expectations by far. I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again, Matt. Your the best."



Kansas City, MO

"Matt, I'm not sure you'll remember me. I sold you a gym membership this past january at Club Fitness. You sold me one of your Bio-Bellum bands. I was very skeptical about it at first. However, months later my energy levels are higher, my lower back no longer hurts and i honestly feel like i can breathe better. This is a big deal, because i have asthma. I can even do cardio now! My workouts have even lasted longer. I've always been one who doubts these sort of things. However, i would personally vouch for your brand to anyone! i put allot of copper and power bands to the test, none have affected me like yours has! This is well worth the investment. Thank you sir.


-Robert Lawrence

St.Louis, Mo